Semalt: 4 Types Of SEO Specialists To Increase Your Business Performance

Over the past decade, experts have identified 4 distinct types of SEO professionals. Due to the different experiences, it is possible that most people are a blend of several traits. Each project needs to be precise and clear. Before choosing a practitioner, one should know which resources the institution wants to use, and where the strengths lie.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, discusses in the article the four types of professionals, which should inform on the decision to pick one for SEO implementation.

1. Data/Analysts

Understanding and analyzing large data sets is an art. However, it also requires an analytical mindset. People that fall into this category of SEO specialists have some history of the data analysis. Their main operations mostly occur in their heads and not in a creative realm. These SEO professionals strive to create validity by correlating data, dashboards, and maintain reliable reports. They learn from the past, and this information can then inform the future.

2. Technical

They normally get into the field after sparking an interest on what the web page contains. They have no desire to know what is behind the information provided on the site. Their primary concern is to tackle all the site elements that may hamper its growth. They look at W3C compliance, data capture, and other technical details. With these types of SEO, also expect some form of on-site optimization. The UI and UX discussions are part of what they do. For a marketing department of any organization, technical SEO is very expensive. They also require more than just the administrative access to the WordPress, if they are to make any progress.

3. Content and Communications

This SEO primary focus is all on on-site optimization. They intend to draw traffic through social generation and link generation. They always experiment with projects to see which brings in the largest amount of traffic. They are only interested in what the greatest source of traffic for the site could be and pursue it aggressively.

4. General/Novice

They are less experienced and have a single approach to all forms of SEO. They pick up the skills from SEO tools online and catch on fast due to their willingness to learn. The novice would be a great fit for a company working on a small budget for a person willing to work on all marketing. They are hardworking and cover significant ground.

In-house SEO or Not for Companies?

Companies struggle with whether to hire or outsource their SEO professionals from agencies or consultants. Agencies have one advantage over in-house SEO as they stay up-to-date on trends better than the former. House SEOs see significant amounts of data depending on the company.

What gives agency SEO an edge in marketing is that they view independent data from across the board for different industries. Unique insights emanate from correlated data between the client industry or geography. They help inform on upcoming algorithm bumps or dips.

One compelling factor in hiring an in-house SEO is if the organization largely depends on the SEO as the primary source of revenue. In this case, it would be prudent to save on resources, history, and knowledge.

Which One Are You?

With an overview of the four types of SEO, it becomes easy to determine where a marketer lies. Most people teach themselves SEO while in the field since most of them start as something else. Nevertheless, there is a trait from the four that best fits them eventually.